China’s People’s Daily: Top Topics 2007-2020

Please see below for an interactive chart highlighting the top topics in the People’s Daily from July 2007 to February 2020. The most popular topics during the time period are at the top; least popular at the bottom.

To select specific terms and dates, please use the the slider on the right to adjust dates and the table below it to select terms. Note the popularity of the Reform topic, the spike in attention to Gaza Strip and Palestinians in January 2009, and the 2020 spike in World Health and Cases. Mouse over the graphs for additional details.

The default setting is all topics for the entire time period. Topic popularity determined by related keyword frequency throughout all 400,000 plus articles scraped. Topic data created using WordStat 8; visualization created using Tableau.

To search the dataset for terms NOT listed here, please visit our People’s Daily database page.